Adametonymy Stanisynecdoche (z3ro666) wrote in trade_a_pin,
Adametonymy Stanisynecdoche


Hello, my name's Adam, and I've been collecting off-and-on for about 4 years now, though, an overall shortage of resources has kept me from getting terribly serious about it.

Between my brother and I, we have enough pins to fill one of the storage binders they sell in Disney World...

I really do not have a good grasp of the possible value of any pins that I have, but my favorites are definately Pin #101 of 101 in the Disney Store Millenium Series (Mickey and Walt), the 'Eyes and Ears' Cast-Only Pin, and my miscolored Mickey Yin-Yang pin.

One thing I've noticed in my past three trips since '99, is that cast members are starting to carry less common pins. Back in '99, a majority of cast members carried solely stuff you could find at the pin stand at which they were working, or worse, various pieces of Mickey clothing that came in a set. However, on my past trip, trading with cast members was a lot more rewarding: We found a couple of cast-only pins, some old dated ones, and a few exclusive to California Adventure/Disneyland Paris.
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