Lady Aerin Firehair (aerin_pegadrak) wrote in trade_a_pin,
Lady Aerin Firehair

WHOO HOOO!!!! *dances*

I got a comment yesterday from someone who lives 10 minutes from Disneyland and would be willing to pick up pins for me whenever I wanted. (read: whenever I can scrape together enough cash.) Plus, I listed all of my pins as tradeables on (except for the one that Beka gave me) because I can conceiveably replace all of them. I had the handy dandy trade assistant send out messages to everyone who wants something I have and has the Minnie Mouse/Belle pin that I really want. I got a message back this morning from a lady who wants to trade my Original Dress Belle for her Minnie Mouse Belle. Heck yeah, baby! I just need a little cash to pay for S&H, but I can scrounge that easily. YAY!!! It's all falling into place... *evil laughter*
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